Just thoughts on “A Mistaken Marriage Match” Book 1 and Book 2 Series (mostly Book 2)

Book 1: Read up to chapter 83
Book 2: Read up to chapter 24


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Hello again!  Just wanted to give my thoughts out about this c-novel series “A Mistaken Marriage Match” Book 1 and Book 2.  I’ve heard there are about 6 books to this series.  First 3 books are about the 3 Qing sisters (two(1st and the 3rd sister) of them the spirits/soul of two time travelers,Zhou Qing and Gu Yun, and the other one ,2nd sister Qing Feng, the real one of that era).  The last three books are about their children and a bit about how the three sisters are doing after there “happy endings”.  I’m currently still reading the series, but only Book 1 and Book 2.  I’ve heard Book 3 is going to be a real tear jerker because the male lead will treat the female lead like shit and only until really late into the story where he realizes he has feelings for her.  From the looks of it, I’m not a fan of male leads treating female leads like dirt, so I’m not gonna even read that story.  I’ve already read a bit about him in Book 1 of “Record of Washed Grievances” and I don’t like him one bit.  He’s the devil that all female leads want to stay away from any book!  You do not want this man as your male lead!! He forces his “lust” onto the ladies he comes to “fancied” and if he doesn’t get what he wants he ends their lives or treat them like shit.  Anyways, I don’t want to talk about this guy anymore as he’s already giving me a headache just by talking about him.  Moving on-wards to what I think of Book 1 and Book 2.  I like both female leads in both of these books, but I think I prefer Gu Yun (female lead from Book 2) more.  Maybe it’s probably because Book 2 feels more light hearted and theirs more comedy compared to Book 1.  But a thing I like about Book 1 is that the the male lead definitely treats the female lead better.  Lou Xi Yan, male lead from Book 1, totally/2000%+ has passionate and affectionate love towards the female lead, Zhou Qing/Qing Ling  and that’s what I adore about that book.  But other than that, I don’t really like that book as much as I like Book 2.  Of course Su Ling doesn’t treat Gu Yan well at first, but he definitely does later on in the series.  Funny thing though, I forgot he was even the male lead only until chapter 9 or 10 because he was missing from the story for so long that I didn’t even knew he still existed. 😂 And because of that, I was wondering how would their relationship develop and how the author would pull off how Su Ling “sudden feelings of love” would work out if he fell in love with Gu Yan if they only meet twice in 8 chapters.  But surely the author pulled it off well on that part and although there romance was a bit slower than Zhou Qing and Lou Xi Yan’s romance, it made me tingled and laughed at the funny interactions these two had when ever they met.  He(Su Ling) only started noticing her more after they fought and mostly took a liking towards her during the bandit incident in the Rain Forest(some steamy things happened and he took the wrong approach towards it😆).   I also love the characters in Book 2.  The men in the General’s Manor are funny and cute! 😂  Gu Yan has an army of “well trained” 😉 soldiers under her that respect her and look up to her.  She doesn’t really care about being “girly” and prefers plain black clothes over silky colorful clothes.  She is definitely different from Zhou Qing.  Gu Yan has this aura and personality around her that’s pretty chill 😎 and she shows an awesome side of her that you don’t see much in female leads in ancient historical Chinese novels and drama’s, which is a strong independent woman whom can fend for herself.  She’s also got brains like Zhou Qing, but when it comes to her own love relationships (especially the men around her who already have these feelings towards her 😂) she’s not very bright about that.  But that’s probably because she’s been surrounded by too many men around her (General Su’s manor) that she doesn’t really see them as men in a romantic way. 😂  All I can say is, Su Ling just needs to work harder for her if he wants to win her heart due to many bad incidents between them already. 😆 Anyways I really love the relationships of both main leads in Book 1 and Book 2.  It’s so passionate and I’m really looking forward to their happy endings! 😍

As always, have a nice day/week/month/year! \😀/


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