A summary of my web-novel.

Hello again!  It’s been a couple of months since I wrote anything again.  As always, I hope everyone’s having a fantastic day, night, week, month, year!  Here in this post is going to be a little different.  I’ve been interested in writing my own web-novels lately because of all the c-novels and j-novels I’ve been reading lately.   I remember I attempted to write one back when I was in high-school. It sort of failed because I didn’t have the motivation to continue it after I started off with it. It became really cheesy that I decided to just give up on it.  I think it was based off a reincarnation Thai drama, but the way I started it off made it seem like all those cheesy reincarnation stories.  Then when I decided to go back and write a new story again this year because of all the novels I’ve been reading lately, I thought “Hmm, why should I worry if a type of story’s been done?!  Haven’t every story in this universe been used and reused?!”.  And here I am, writing a typical story that probably has a similar sub-plot to many novels out there.  But honestly, I’m just writing this for fun and to see if my creativity from all the avid drama’s, novel’s, manga’s/manhwa’s/manhua’s, movies, and music I’ve seen can be as interesting as that.  Although this might be a cheesy, cliche story for some I still want to write and share this story to those who may find this interesting to read.  This web-novel I’m going to be writing has been inspired by lots of historical Chinese novels(‘demon wangs gold medal status’ is one of them) , fantasy novels from Japan(‘common sense of a duke’s daughter’ is one of them), Xianxia novels (‘My disciple died yet again’ is one of them as well), and Chinese historical drama’s.



A fantasy web-novel about the power struggles, revenge, and romance of a 132nd Female monarchy of Zaaj Dynasty.

Genre: romance, historical, fantasy (has a bit of Xianxia in it), Reverse-Harem(?), comedy[?] (has a bit)

Setting (Universe, time): This fiction takes place in it’s own dimensional universe and has a mix of historical time period feels too it – mixed with Xianxia elements.

NOTE: The characters, dynasty, and the universe in this web novel are all fictional and not based off of real events and people.

Link to backstory/information of my web novel: Click




Maiv – girl, miss, or little girl. (Maiv can be used by itself to call someone significantly younger than you. For example, an elderly woman can call a young Hmong woman, “Maiv” without having to use her name). [Hmong phrase] (pronounced as ‘Mai’ or ‘My’)

Xyooj – a hmong clan name (pronounced as ‘sha-oong’)

Zaaj – Dragon, serpent (pronounced zha-ah) [hmong phrase]

Zhou – Boat, ship, also a surname [Chinese phrase]

Deming – bright virtue [Chinese phrase]


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