I’m in a phase…😭

Hello again! o/
I hope everyone’s having a great day today.  I’m still writing my web-novel and I’ve noticed that I have to do better in painting the scenery of the story after re-reading my first chapter.  I added and changed a lot of stuff with the help of chiyomira.  Thank you again chiyomira!  I know, I’m saying this a lot to you but you were really helpful in helping me out with the editing of my web-novel. 😘

I also created a cover with various images I found on the internet.  I take no credit in making any of the images and all of it goes to the respectful creators/owners of the images.  I combined a few, but could’t come up with what fit the story more and just picked this:


Here are some of the previous ones (photoshop) that I edited.  I can’t decide which ones fit the web-novel I’m writing, so I’m just here to ask for opinions (or if you prefer the one above)~ Ahh, the struggles! 😅: tyvm by the way 😘

Anyways, I seem to have written out my prologue but I’ve noticed some flaws that don’t match up with the current story.  So now I have to go back to revise and change some stuff to make the story flow.  In my prologue, I will not include the main character’s because it’s more of a backstory on how this Realm was created and why certain things happened to how things are now in the first chapter and so on.  I will be introducing the first ruler of the dynasty in this prologue and guess what?  After much planning of the gender of the first ruler, it has been changed from an Empress to an Emperor because I wanted to have a reason why certain things caused certain events and the “male ruler” just fit the current criteria of what I came up with.  So yeah, my minds a mess right now from all the revising and having so much ideas jumbled in my mind that I feel stumped at the same spot currently. 😭  But this phase will probably and eventually go away once I’ve cleared my mind.  😂

Welp, that’s all I wanted to share in this post.  Wishing everyone a great day, night, week, month, and year! Stay safe and healthy like always! 😉 ❤


4 thoughts on “I’m in a phase…😭

  1. Haha, you’re making me blush. (〃^▽^〃)ゝ I’m not helping out that much, you’re doing the majority of the work since you’re coming up with the story after all. As for the pictures, I feel like the crown unbalances the picture a lot, but my top pick would be the image with the other dragon in it~

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    1. No, no, no. You were really really helpful. I think if I didn’t have you edit my writing, it would sound really awkward and weird. This lowly one is very thankful for your help. 🙇🏽

      I wasn’t going to add the crown at first, but after a while I felt like it fit the story the more I thought about it since it’s the kingdom’s imperial crown worn by the Empresses in the monarchy. I also wanted it to resemble the “female monarchy” in my novel, so I added it. By other dragon, are you talking about the gold version? Or the brownish vintage one? I thought of using the gold one, but I have yet to pick a color for her scales so I didn’t pick it and just left it at the side. If you think the gold dragon looks nice, then I might have to make her official scales gold. 😀

      Fun fact: A Miao/Hmong crown is typically worn at special events only. It’s usually in silver, but I couldn’t find a silver crown that I liked. 😭


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