Updates + Begonia Ladies: Sunflower and Fire


I have a new series I’ve felt inspired to work on. As for Zaaj Dynasty, I’m putting that on hold since I feel like I’ll need to do a lot of research first before I begin to write chapters for it. “Begonia Ladies: Sunflower and Fire” is inspired by Western YA Romance novels and Xianxia+Magic/fantasy novels. I’ve been inspired to write this web-series because I found that their’s hardly much fantasy youth adult romance books available out on the American market for girls of colors to read (meaning a female lead from a different race/ethnic in a romance novel – especially for modern fantasy YA romance novels). I know their are books out their, but I’m talking about books that are out available to read for free on the market (amazon market specifically) for young adults in America. I tried looking for them with a female lead whom was a person of color, but I only found a few and only a few of them caught my interest. So in these stories I’m going to be writing, every female lead will be from a different race/ethnic group and culture with their awesome hunky male leads. 😍 I plan to write and base the first installment in the countryside with an Asian American female lead. It’ll first start off on her journey as a child and time skip to certain area’s of her age in the novel to the current age of herself (twenty-three) where she meets the male lead “again”. At first I thought of naming this series Begonia Girls, but I thought Ladies made better sense because they aren’t teens later into the novel. Hopefully on this journey of this novel, everything runs smoothly. *prays* 😅  Chapter One should be out soon, with some edits (though feel free to correct me on my mistakes). And a small reminder – I’m not a writer and this is just a new hobby I’m doing for fun. 

Here’s the synopsis of the novel:

Rina, an Asian American born from a Thai American father and Hmong American mother. At the age of eight, she was sent to a “Private” co-ed school that both her parents and her mother’s best friend attended. Upon arriving at this “Private” school, she soon learned that her life is about to change and the mysteries surrounding herself. *Time skips forward* After Rina graduated from her “Private” school, she was looking forward to getting a “special” job she wanted to do, but that soon came crashing down after her parents sent her a “special” message. At the age of twenty-three years old, her parents called her back home to meet her “arranged husband”. To her surprise, he was her childhood friend whom she thought was a girl all along. Boy oh boy…could life get any worse than this?! 😢

Ethan, a White American born from a British American father and Irish American mother. At the age of ten, he was sent out to a “Private” all boys school that his father attended when he was younger and because of this, his whole life change in just one day. At the age twenty-three, he graduated from the “Private” school and found a “special” job that he liked. At twenty-four, he looked forward to meeting his childhood sweetheart. At twenty-five, he came home ready to marry her, but to his surprise – she couldn’t recognized him and even more so, she’s changed.

Come along the journey of  two childhood friends with their romantic, hilarious, and magical adventures. 💕


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