CHAPTER 01 – Sixth Birthday Part 1


*******Doing a re-write with editing. I’ll re-post it back up tomorrow morning or at night. Change of plans, this might take another week to re-write. I’m busy this week, so pushing the re-release back another week. Sorry! 😓********

A/N: After editing it for the second time, I noticed I wasn’t introducing my characters in the story very well, so I decided to rewrite some things and added more information into the plot. I also changed the time setting (year of events) because things just didn’t add up with their ages for future time of events in the web-novel. I’m not sure if I should consider adding a science fiction genre to this too since I decided on doing “future” -present-ish time settings (like years into the future that will supposedly be “present” tense – example: writing a person in year 2020 as if it were the present and not the future).


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