[Web-novel] Begonia Ladies Series – ON HOLD


This is just a temporary cover picture to make this page not appear plain. Image credit: Container Gardening

This is going to be another web series I’m going to be doing for fun. I got this idea after reading some American romance novels (Midway, Between me and you by Rogenna Brewer – some other books too) and because I love fantasy/magic and xianxia novels, I decided to implement it with American romance novels. This web-novel will be a series of standalone novellas with different female and male leads in each book. The first of the series is called: Begonia Ladies: Sunflower and Fire – this first book will be a romance, magical, and countryside type of book. The others, I’m still deciding the brainstorm and titles for it. I’ll create a cover picture later when I find ideas on what pictures to use. I’ve also been inspired to write this web-series because I found that their’s hardly much fantasy youth adult romance books available out on the American market for girls of colors to read (meaning a female lead from a different race/ethnic in a romance novel). I know their are books out their, but I’m talking about books that are out available to read for free on the market (amazon market specifically). I tried looking for them with a female lead whom was a person of color, but I only found a few and only a few of them caught my interest. So in these stories I’m going to be writing, every female lead will be from a different race/ethnic group and culture with their awesome hunky male leads. 😍 Hopefully on this journey, everything runs smoothly. 😅

To see the pages for each web-Novella, hover over the top drop down box of Begonia Ladies to see information on each novel. 

There will probably be writing mistakes, so if you do spot any in the writing of the web-series, please kindly point it out so I can fix them. I’m not a writer and this is just a new hobby I’m doing for fun. I have so many crazy ideas and I look forward to sharing them with everyone. 😘