Back-story/Extra information

Anything that cannot fit into the main story is stashed here.  [Examplesinformation about the history, how long the people lived, immortal and mortal elements, etcThis page will explain certain things or events better.  If you have any questions, please feel free to comment down below.  

Back-story/Extra information:

The story starts off when the female lead is born under a full moon in a dynasty ruled by a female monarchy, called Zaaj Dynasty, and the men there do sort of have equal rights like the female’s there. In this dynasty, only female royals could have multiple spouses due to the “dragon blood” in their bloodline being passed down only onto females (due to certain events that caused this and will be explained in future chapters – during the Reign of the First ruler, the creator of this world/universe) – so having more husbands gave them a better chance of reproducing quicker.  Mortals in this realm live up to 3000 years. Men from the royal bloodline in Zaaj Dynasty live up to 3500 years. Females of the royal bloodline in Zaaj Dynasty are immortal. Mortals; beast; and demons were all able to cultivate into immortality if they weren’t left astray, though it was hard to obtain it due to the lighting tribulations.  Every living being is born with spirit veins in this world. (I cut out the description of the backstory I wrote earlier here because I felt like I gave out too much information. When you read the story, you’ll understand and find out things better)

[Note: I might change or add more information later.]

~ Sorry, if this is all confusing now.  I think as I continue with the story, everything will probably be better explained. ~


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